Monday, June 26, 2006

The Kissy Bits #15 - Naming Your baby

The Kissy Bits Show 15 – Naming Your Baby

- with real-life examples from yours truly! -

1. Keep it short.

2. Avoid fancy words.

3. Make sure your title reflects your story.

4. Make your title original.

5. Brainstorm.

6. Alliteration always attracts.

7. Tried and true with a twist.

8. Use words that contradict and/or conflict with each other.

9. You can't copyright your title.

10. Have a backup.

Next Show: All About Your Heroine

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At 1:24 am, Blogger Tee said...

*dancing around his office*

New show...IS UP...a new show...IS UP...a new show...IS UP -- go, Kiki - it's your podcast - go Kiki - go, Kiki...

At 10:52 pm, Blogger Tee said...


Whatever you're doing with your show in a technical matter, don't change a thing. You sound GREAT!

Big step forward, and I'm chomping at the bit for your podiobook, the first Chick Lit on

And thanks to you, I've been brainstorming...

Snowbody's Business
Black Diamond Blues
Black Diamond Bunny (both skiing reference)
Lying in Winter (as opposed to Lion in Winter)
Playing Pikaboo (a name play on Peek-a-Boo and Olympic skiier Pikaboo Street)

I know you're more than happy with "Confessions of a Snowplow Queen" (and I think it's great too!) but with the theme of the show and my obsession with titles, I had to get these out before my skull exploded.

GREAT show (as always)!

At 9:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kiki

Another fab show. I've listened from the beginning but I'm sad to see the greater gaps between each new podcast. Does this mean The Kissy Bits is fading into oblivion?


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