Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Kissy Bits #11 - From the Mail Bag

The Kissy Bits #11 - From the Mail Bag
just having a look at some feedback.
Also, the first time recording with a new microphone. What do you reckon?

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At 7:49 am, Blogger Cayendi said...

Hello Kiki,

I've been listening to your podcast for a while now, and really enjoy listening to your tips and ideas. I was puzzled by your comment on heroines though. I never thought heroines would be more difficult to categorise than heroes, but then again, most romances I have written were gay romances (not including the sugary sweet stories I wrote in my early teens), both original and fanfiction. I'm intrigued now.
I may have written romance, but my first love in writing has always been fantasy, Which is why, like Amanda, I would love to hear your take on how to write romance, since, no matter what the genre, there will always be some romance in my stories. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for romance :)
My question is: Would you consider including gay romance? I'm not asking for explicit material, just your take on how to make the romance work and differences and/or resemblences to heterosexual romances.

About show 11. I, unfortunately, have to tell you that your voice only came through my left ear (which made the music and the ads quite a loud shock in between). Of course, I have no idea whether that was just a glitch, or whether it had to do with your new gear, I'm not technician, but I thought you'd like to know.

Good luck with your podcasts :)

At 11:45 am, Blogger JRMurdock said...

Hey Kiki.

Another great show. Gosh I'm long winded when my comments are read. Sheesh. I'll have to learn to be brief.

HAHA, like that'll happen.

Can't wait until you really get into the meat and potatoes of what makes romance tick.

I also had the same trouble with the audio. :( Left side only. DIdn't decrease my enjoyment of the show, only a minor distraction.

Pod on!


At 5:05 am, Anonymous Eric Donelson said...

Love the show! Was surfing over to report the problems with show 11, I only listen with one earbud, so I thought the audio was totally missing, but I'll listen on the left side tonight :) Since it might help, I'll add though, that it was only your audio that was missing in the right ear, the bits pasted in from other sources (promo etc) played just fine

At 4:09 am, Anonymous sweetpea said...

Hi Kiki
I'm really enjoying the Kissy Bits and always try and listen to it as soon as it comes up on iTunes.

I had the same probs as the others re audio only being on the left and really quiet then nearly dying of shock when the music came through loud and clear on both!! Ow!! ;)

Look forward to the next Podcast :)


At 3:36 am, Blogger Carolyn B. said...

Hi, Kiki,

Well, I see that I'll be repetitive here, but count me as another listener who had the same "left ear only" audio reception for your last show. I still enjoyed the show's contents, of course! But I missed the stereo sound.

Since you asked for feedback ... here are a few additional thoughts.

First, thank you for doing this podcast! I'm sure it's a labor of love for your craft, but thank you for sharing. I enjoy hearing what another aspiring writer like me is doing, and you bring up interesting and useful points. Listening inspires me to keep writing myself. I really don't have any suggestions for the show's contents, other than to keep it all coming. Your kitty is also a welcome presence -- helps me to imagine the real person behind the KissyBits speaker. And you have a great name for your show! I also don't mind the commercials for other shows either, by the way; this helps me learn about other shows that may be of interest to me.

One small stumbling block for my enjoyment of the show is the audio quality. Even before the purchase of your new microphone, the show's sound seemed to be a bit muffled and tinny -- perhaps from compression to make the file smaller? This doesn't prevent me from listening; it just takes a little away from the enjoyment. You might try listening to a show like "Top of the Pods" to compare the audio quality; I don't know what equipment they use, but the sound is probably the most crisp of any of the podcasts in my subscription list.

One other bit of feedback: I like the theme music you use, but the high note does go piercingly loud to me.

The above isn't meant as criticism; I'd listen to your show even if you don't change a thing. I'm just giving some feedback on areas that you might want to consider tweaking.

Best wishes!
~ Carolyn Bahm
Collierville, Tennessee, USA
Note: That last name is pronounced like "Bomb," in case you visit my website and wonder why my family blog is called the Bahm Shelter. ;o)


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