Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Kissy Bits Valentine's Special!

The Kissy Bits Valentine's Special. Let's talk about emotional honesty here. And a confession: I don't like v-day. Even as a romance writer, I can see why it's a bad day. Can you?
Let's talk about the Big Gestures and how you can make them more meaningful. These tips are for real life AND writing. How neat is that?

Show Links:
Valentine's e-cards
Anti-Valentine's e-cards

Next show: Writing About Friends or "I'm not like that!"

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At 9:11 am, Blogger JRMurdock said...

Hey Kiki, I just realized I hadn't commented in some time. I know podcasters thrive on feedback and I don't want you to think that your efforts go out in vain.

Personally, I'm not big into V-day either. I went looking for a card for my wife and I kept finding trite crap that 'I could have written so why buy it.' I did finally find one card that felt right and had enough space in it for me to write what i wanted to write as I feel I can say it better.

Pod on!

At 10:30 am, Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi Kiki!

I'm a new subscriber to your podcast. In fact I only started listening yesterday, but I've already gotten through all of your casts. (Except #3, iTunes wouldn't let me download it for some reason) I'd just like to say thanks a lot for making such a fun and interesting show that teaches me a lot and at the same time makes me laugh. =) I (guiltily) admit that I am one of those people who, up until finding The Kissy Bits, scoffed at romantic fiction as that "sappy over dramatized stuff with the ridiculous covers that I feel embarassed even looking at, much less reading". But I thought about what you said in your first podcast, and you were right. So I'm doing my best not to be afraid of romance anymore. In fact I may even bring my one lonely romance novel out from the dark recesses of my bookshelf and display it proudly for the rest of the world to see...or not. It was pretty cheesy. ^_~

I've wanted for a long time to put some romance into my stories, but being young and woefully undereducated in the ways of romance, lurve, and other such matters, I always avoided it because I told myself I didn't know what I was doing. (And really--I don't.) If I wrote romance, I wanted it to be *good* romance, not something that made the reader gag and set down the book. So I'm really happy to see a podcast like yours out on the "air waves" that can possibly help me with this.

I do have one tiny criticism, though. I love the show, but I would really like it if you talked a bit more about how to properly write romantic fiction, even though the novel I'm working on right now falls into the dreaded category of "speculative fiction". I especially want to know how to make the romantic parts seem not-horrible, and actually convey the sense of real love and attraction that I want to put into my stories. While I've really enjoyed listening to you talk about things like muses and chick lit (which I hadn't heard of before), I'm really anxious to get to...well. The kissy bits. ^_^()

Anyway--I'd better end this comment before it grows to an absurdly large size, sprouts teeth and starts rampaging through Tokyo. Again, thanks for making the show, I love it! *mwah*


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