Monday, December 05, 2005

Name that Podcast

The podcast is almost ready to go, butI'm not going anywhere without a name!
I'm horrible at making up titles (as those who've had the doubtful fortune of reading things of mine can attest to), so that's where you guys come in.
Name my podcast. it will be a podcast mainly on writing, maybe about readig as well. It's all about romance (and chick lit), and I want it to have a more global feel to it (which means no US-specific anythings, thanks).

Some suggestions so far (not all of them mine, phew):

- RosePod
- Cootie Cast
- Romancing the Pod
- The Romance Writer Show
- For The Love Of Words
- Pink Ink
- She's Got To Have Spunk (I'm aware of the implications of thins one...)
- Out of the Emotional Depth
- The Kissy Bits
- Chocolate for Writers
- Romantically Speaking
- Hot Fudge
- Sense and Sensuality
- The Sensitive Side of Writing
- More Than Kisses
- The Sweetest Thing
- Take Off Your Shirt
- The Right/Wright to Romance
- Ladies' Laughter
- All Fired Up
- Lovelorn
- Romance Academy
- Just Say It

I'll add to it as they come in (post here or email me).
Also, what sorts of things would you like to see convered in shows? What have you already heard waaaaay too much of? Talk to me. ^_^


At 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Kissy Bits.

At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Jackie said...

I hope posting works again. What happened to your blog?

Anyways, I like Romantically Speaking, the one about chocolate (c'mon, who doesn't, eh?) and the Kissy Bits (Princess Bride??)



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